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Salad is available everyday and will include a variety of items such as lettuce, batons of carrots, cucumber, pepper and tomatoes, grated cheese, tuna  and ham.   Yoghurt and Fruit are available on a daily basis.


We also offer jacket potatoes and baguettes with a range of fillings a long with a choice of salad or hot vegetables of the day.



If you have any queries about the menu please email sarah@zestkitchen.co.uk









Susie: 07342 882379

Linzi: 07894 827984


Our Menu


We cook our meals from scratch using high quality local ingredients and as much seasonal produce

as possible.


Our meals are nutritionally balanced and packed full of healthy stuff to satisfy the needs of growing children helping them to learn well and concentrate in the afternoons.


We feed to appetite.


We have enough variety on the menu to ensure that even the fussiest children will get a perfectly balanced meal whilst also introducing new tastes and textures to the more adventurous!


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Choice and Healthy Eating


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